Pinewood Studio - Buckinghamshire


Spiral Construction have recently completed a stunning installation at the new, glass-enclosed Gatehouse which marks the entrance to Pinewood Studio's complex in Buckinghamshire.

Working with architects, Burland TM, the practice responsible for a major redevelopment of the entire Pinewood Studios site, Spiral developed a helical staircase for the two storey building, with the staircase continuing to roof level allowing visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the entire site from an observation deck.

Designed to be fully compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations (Access to and Use of Buildings) the staircase design is an unusually large diameter, at 3.4m, and features stainless steel hand rails and stringers manufactured out of steel box section.

Commenting on the design, Kerem Aksoy from Burland TM said: "The new building spans the entrance and exit roads to the studio complex and its design draws on elements of Pinewood's logo. The specification of all materials was very carefully considered to ensure that every element reflected the aesthetic quality of the building; being such a focal point of the interior, we obviously wanted the design of the staircase to reflect our overall design objective. We certainly achieved that working with the Spiral team".