Top quality design is essential to create the best staircases possible, and at Spiral UK this this at the core of our business. Using the most up to date 3D software, we turn your idea into reality. Taking basic design concepts and drawings from architects and designers, we produce detailed models and renders to compliment the construction drawings, so all members of the project team can see exactly what every detail of the staircase will look like in photo quality.

At the outset of every project, a dedicated designer is allocated to work with you from initial concept through final manufacture and installation, together with support from our design manager, production team and structural engineer. They will produce initial designs and concepts for discussion, and develop these to the final design for your approval prior to final manufacture. It is critical that every aspect of the stair interfaces with the building, and complies with the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations, all of which are considered as part of our overall design process.